Connecting Pieces and Cultures: Jerusalem’s International Puzzle Party Awaits Puzzle Enthusiasts

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Art of Play Founders to Attend The First International Puzzle Party in Jerusalem: Driving Innovation Through Collaboration

JERUSALEMAug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Art of Play (, a leading curator and producer of high-quality puzzles, playing cards, and games, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming International Puzzle Party (IPP). This annual gathering fosters a vibrant community of puzzle designers and collectors from around the globe, with a specific emphasis on tactile and mechanical puzzles.

Art of Play embodies a deep fascination for magic and the intricate design of puzzles. Their active participation in the puzzle community has been pivotal to the company’s success in this unique market. Although IPP is a private event not open to the public, opportunities for media coverage are welcome.

“Art of Play is not just a business, but a team of passionate creators, curators, and connoisseurs in the fascinating world of puzzles,” stated Dan Buck, Co-founder of Art of Play. “Our presence at IPP goes beyond sourcing the latest designs for our shop or showcasing our creations. It is about being integral to this vibrant community, forging relationships, and facilitating collaborations that bring prototypes to life.”

Art of Play’s productive engagement at the IPP in 2019 led to the discovery of the Wavelinks Puzzle, a captivating design that later raised over $500K on Kickstarter. This triumph illustrates the immense potential and value that the IPP brings to creators and curators within the puzzle community.

Another founder, Adam Rubin, underscored their participation’s importance: “The IPP is more than a convention; it’s a congregation of minds where creators can push design boundaries and challenge the norm. We are thrilled to contribute to and learn from this dynamic ecosystem.”

About the Art of Play:

Art of Play, co-founded by esteemed puzzle enthusiasts DAN & DAVE, and co-founder Adam Rubin, is a testament to the enduring allure of puzzles, playing cards, and brain-teasing games. With a diverse collection of unique puzzles, playing cards, and fun, Art of Play inspires, engages, and preserves the awe-inspiring world of puzzles in popular culture.

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