ChuanQi IP releases a blockchain-based MORPG, MIR2M : The Dragonkin in 170 countries!

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  • A new game using the Legend of Mir 2, the renowned IP of Wemade… Developed by XFun Games Limited
  • Features a variety of content such as massive battles and the Siege of Sabuk, including three attractive professions
  • Launching events such as character creation and CQB token airdrop

SEOUL, South KoreaJuly 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ChuanQi IP, a subsidiary of Wemade (CEO Henry Chang) has officially released its new blockchain-based MORPG, MIR2M : The Dragonkin in 170 countries today, on the 19th July.

MIR2M : The Dragonkin is a new game developed by XFun Games Limited using the renowned IP of Wemade, the Legend of Mir 2. It provides three captivating professions, Warrior, Mage, and Taoist. The game features a variety of content such as the Siege of Sabuk, a massive battle to determine the strongest player in the server, and engaging elements such as “Clan Defense” and “Clan Escort”, where players can form clans to safeguard regions or transport prisoners.

ChuanQi IP offers a special promotion to all users of MIR2M : The Dragonkin. Users who upload a screenshot of their characters on the game’s Discord community by Tuesday, August 1 will receive special items crucial for character growth, such as EXP Pill, Shield Fragment, and Blood Talisman Essence.

In addition, there is a CQB airdrop event. Users who reach level 80 and Rebirth Level 2 by Friday, August 18 will receive CQB tokens as rewards.

More information about the game and events is available from the official website of MIR2M : The Dragonkin, as well as the global blockchain game platform Wemix Play.

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