Editorial Policy

by Ahmed

Review process

Our editorial team reviews all press releases before dispatch. Content should be newsworthy, factual, and precise in MS Word format. All press releases must be free of spelling and grammatical errors, and must be written in Arabic, English and French.

Submission process

Once reviewed, our team will distribute the press release on your selected date during your submission process. In the event of errors or problems with the press release, our editorial team will get in touch with you by email or telephone.

An engaged reader

We do not impose a word limit for digital distribution. Our editors recommend a minimum word limit of 400 words and a maximum word limit of 450 words. This helps keep the reader engaged.

Media contact

Please feel free to include media contact information at the end of the release. This will be reproduced on MENA Newswire site only, not on independent news websites, news portals or blogs.

Codes and tags

Usage of codes, HTML tags and formatting such as non-standard characters, tables or line breaks is not permitted. Our formatting guidelines allow the use of bold, underline, italicized text and three external links. Before sharing your press release, ensure that all links are fully functional.

Exposure and control

While we are the only newswire in the region that guarantees media exposure, we have no control over how a press release is reproduced on an independent website. The headline may be modified or the copy may be edited or truncated according to each individual website's editorial guidelines.

Webmaster guidelines

We comply with Google webmaster guidelines including the use of links and use no-follow links only. Industry standards recommend no more than one link per 150 words as a standard rule. If you are not familiar with the same and would like more information about it click here.


You can include as many images as you like along with your PR in a downloadable link. For digital use the main images can be 2400 pixels x 1600 pixels, jpeg, optimized for web. You may also optionally include visual aids with links to images or videos in landscape format.

Editing and modifications

Once a press release has been shared with MENA Newswire and distributed to the media by our team, you will only be able to modify the version of your release as displayed on the MENA Newswire website. We have no editorial control over partner websites, news portals and blogs and once disseminated, the news cannot be retracted.

No fraudulent or misleading info

We do not promote fraudulent or misleading information or content perceived to be defamatory such as to: provoke, advocate or express hatred, prejudice, discrimination or inciting violence; no personal opinions criticizing an individual or group; or unscrupulously affecting a company's stock.

Editorial rights

Our editorial team retains the editorial rights to refuse press releases that we deem are unsuitable for distribution. We reject content promoting alcohol, tobacco (including e-cigarettes, cigars, tobacco pipes) or related products, gambling, sports betting, bingo etc. Any news related to sexual enhancement products or supplements is not accepted either.

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