How does it work

by Ahmed

Share the PR

Send us your first press release. It could be a news release about a startup, a financial statement, a new contract, the opening of a regional headquarter, company expansion plans, a product, promotion or anything newsworthy. Our editors review the content and it is then put in queue for dispatch.

Optimized Content

Our team of in-house digital experts work on creating the relevant SEO and SEM features to optimize each press release for online consumption and add backlinks where appropriate to create high impact online.


Our dispatch team disseminates the news to every major regional website, digital editions of print media titles and blogs in the region as well as search engines to secure maximum exposure for the news.


We follow up every press announcement with phone calls and messages to get higher pick up of the announcement and real time displays on high traffic sites once the news is in the public domain. We also work with key websites to get the news displayed as a sticky or featured post so it is not lost in the deluge of breaking news.

MENA Newswire revolutionizes content distribution with an on-demand, platform-as-a-service approach. Leveraging AI, ML, edge computing, and Google Webmaster compliance, it optimizes SEO strategies. Real-time analytics provide insights on digital release and news portal performance. Mediatech at its finest!

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