Beatrice Lion, 28 years old after 7 years in the company, Announced as CEO of True Global Ventures

by Ajay Rajguru

MENA Newswire: Singapore – True Global Ventures is proud to announce the appointment of Beatrice Lion as the new Chief Executive Officer of its Fund manager in Singapore. This milestone is a testament to Beatrice’s remarkable journey which started when she was 21 years old. Her dedication to the firm as a General Partner, has resulted into being board member/observer on 4 of True Global Ventures portfolio companies.

Beatrice’s association with True Global Ventures began in 2017, when she joined Innovator Founders Capital (IFC) 1,2,3 formerly known as True Global Ventures 1,2,3. Her role primarily focused on business development of the portfolio companies, leading to significant achievements including four successful positive exits in IFC’s portfolio, showcasing her strategic foresight and execution prowess.

In 2018, under Beatrice’s leadership, True Global Ventures pursued and successfully received the Venture Capital Fund Manager license (VCFM), marking a significant leap in the firm’s journey by starting its first regulated fund with external Limited Partners (LPs), a move beyond partners-only funds. This period was characterized by extensive educational efforts and groundbreaking work investing in Blockchain and AI equity, reflecting Beatrice’s ability to navigate through challenging fundraising landscapes.

Beatrice’s efforts culminated in the coordination of the closing of 113M USD for the TGV 4 Plus Base Fund in 2021, followed by a remarkable first closing of a 146M USD Opportunity Fund in June 2022, showcasing a substantial acceleration in fundraising effectiveness under her guidance.

Reflecting on her nearly seven-year tenure with True Global Ventures, Beatrice has been instrumental across various segments of VC fund management including exit strategies, fundraising, deal-sourcing, and value-adding, particularly within the critical first 18 months of investment.

The firm also welcomes Frank Desvignes and Kelly Choo, as Executive Directors who are now joining full time. This strengthens the leadership team and reinforces the funds’ commitment to innovation, growth and performance. Dušan Stojanović has formally handed over his executive role in IFC 1,2,3 to Julian Marland, who will now be full time focusing on IFC. Dušan has also resigned from all investment committees in IFC so that he can devote even more time to True Global Ventures 4 Plus (TGV 4) and True Global Ventures Opportunity Fund (TGV 5) as an Executive Director.

Together with her partners, Beatrice is poised to steer True Global Ventures to new heights, propelled by a vision of an exciting and transformative 2024 and beyond.

Beatrice Lion commented, “I am thrilled to step into the role of CEO of True Global Ventures Fund manager. This journey, from being a technophile excited about new technologies to leading a forward-thinking Venture Capital, has been incredible. I am grateful for the trust, the learnings, and the opportunities to make a significant impact alongside a dedicated team. Here’s to a future filled with innovation, growth, and success.”

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About True Global Ventures:

True Global Ventures is a global technology equity Venture Capital firm with 2 actively deploying funds TGV 4 Plus Fund (Early Stage) and TGV Opportunity Fund (Late Stage) investing in Serial Entrepreneurs. TGV is built by a group of serial entrepreneurs with a solid track record of investing their own money, together with Limited Partners, into Tech ventures run by serial entrepreneurs. Portfolio companies leverage Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as competitive advantages to drive change with proven products. TGV has a presence in 20 cities, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Stockholm, Paris, New York and San Francisco.

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