Tourism Industry: SeaBubbles Launches France’s First Commercial Service of zero-emission ‘Flying’ Hydrofoil Boat

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The sustainable marine transportation initiative is projected to save an impressive 100 tons of CO2 emissions on Lake Annecy

SAINT-JORIOZ, FranceJuly 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SeaBubbles, a leading innovator in sustainable marine transportation, announces the launch of France’s first commercial service of its groundbreaking ‘flying’ hydrofoil boat, the Bubble. Following the successful certification of the Bubble, SeaBubbles is thrilled to introduce this one-of-a-kind mode of transportation as part of a pilot line offering regular passenger service in collaboration with the Grand Annecy conurbation.

The Grand Annecy, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and commitment to environmental conservation, has taken a significant step towards sustainable mobility by introducing an electric shuttle service on France’s prime lake site. The project aims to combine the region’s natural attractiveness with a responsible transport mix that includes the pioneering SeaBubble hydrofoil boats.

With eight rotations per day for a period of two months, the initiative is projected to save an impressive 100 tons of CO2 emissions on the lake compared to traditional thermal boats. By incorporating electric shuttles, sourced from a consortium of local players, including the 4-seater SeaBubble flying bubble, passengers traveling on the line will have the opportunity to explore the wonders of the lake while enjoying a unique, silent, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly travel experience.

The SeaBubble employs an electric propulsion system and hydrofoil wings to lift the vessel out of the water, significantly reducing drag and enhancing speed. Passengers can anticipate an exhilarating journey as they glide smoothly across the water, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

“This initiative marks the start of a major new stage since the SeaBubbles teams joined our territory. We are committed to experimenting with next-generation solutions. This pilot project for carbon-free waterborne mobility is a source of inspiration for inventing tomorrow’s mobility solutions.” explains Frédérique Lardet, President of Grand Annecy.

“With this new eco-friendly, zero-carbon shuttle service, we intend to offer users of the line and residents of the conurbation not only a different relationship with the privileged natural setting of Lake Annecy, but also future options for easing traffic congestion on the shores of the lake”, declares Virginie Seurat, CEO of SeaBubbles.

By introducing the Bubble as part of a comprehensive transport system, SeaBubbles takes significant strides towards creating a cleaner and more efficient future for tourism and mobility.

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