Made for Excellence. Made for Future. Made for Dubai. Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai Silicon Oasis

by Ahmed Zaky

MENA Newswire: Through innovation driven solutions, great infrastructure, technology, exceptional experiences, and a home to diverse cultures & nationalities, Dubai is truly one of the world’s most distinctive destinations.

Made for Excellence. Made for Future. Made for Dubai. Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai Silicon Oasis

Within 1.5 years of operations, Fakeeh University Hospital, a world-class healthcare and academic facility located in Dubai Silicon Oasis has showcased itself as being exclusively Made for Dubai. With the care provision focused on three strong pillars – Technology based care, Healing Environment, and Academic Driven Approach, Fakeeh University Hospital (FUH) is setting new benchmarks in healthcare for Dubai and the UAE.

Made for Excellence : Made for Dubai

Inspired by Dubai’s many global firsts, innovations and sustainability initiatives, FUH has established milestones that speak volumes on its similarity with Dubai. The hospital’s new brand campaign – Made for Dubai emphasises on FUH’s focus on continuously enriching their visitors’ healthcare journey.

“In today’s era of innovation, especially in a city like Dubai, Fakeeh University Hospital stands out because of the 4 decades of clinical excellence that it brings from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and also as a result of our impressive strides in improving the standard of care. Combining technology, innovative approaches and exceptional customer care, we have established Fakeeh University Hospital as made just for Dubai” said Dr. Fatih Mehmet Gul, CEO Fakeeh University Hospital.

“It is astonishing how Dubai as a city and Fakeeh University Hospital have similar ethos. Our mission is to provide quality healthcare that caters to people’s needs at a global level and meets the expectations of the common man with the wide-range of primary, secondary, and tertiary care services,” continued Dr. Gul, CEO Fakeeh University Hospital.

With its academic based care approach FUH provides customers with latest solutions, and paves the way for Dubai’s youth who are aspiring healthcare professionals.

Quality services being a top priority for Dubai leadership, FUH obliges this vision with International accreditations of JCI, ISO, Planetree, and the upcoming Magnet accreditation.

Made for Healing : Made for Dubai

Dubai’s welcoming nature, diverse mix of cultures, world-class events, and festivities throughout the year, make it one of the world’s most distinctive destinations.

Fakeeh University Hospital, caters to consumers from diverse backgrounds, cultures & nationalities. With over 50+ nationalities, under one roof, the hospital’s multi-cultural team provides holistic care in a healing space of 1 M sq ft.

Certified internationally (by Gold LEED & Terra Carta – A Prince Charles Initiative) for its sustainable & green initiatives, FUH  maintains a futuristic & luxurious atmosphere, making visitors feel at ease with its holistic approach to patient care.

Crafted to emit a sense of calm, every room ensures ample natural light & greenery to keep one connected with nature. Beautiful calming water bodies aid to this therapeutic & healing ambience.

Facilitating the miraculous birth of future generations or helping people from all around the world find the right treatment & cure; FUH truly boasts holistic healing in all forms.

Made for Future : Made for Dubai

Redefining healthcare delivery in a smart and digitised hospital environment, FUH has the first-of-its-kind data centres, AI enabled diagnostic systems & Robot assisted surgeries, being some of the features that enable accurate & precise diagnosis. Data-embedded clinical practice further leads to better outcomes and faster recoveries.

A fully automated Robotic Pharmacy aptly supporting Dubai’s futuristic goals of using Drone Technology & aims at error free medications. FUH has the region’s first & only LDR suites (labour, delivery, and recovery rooms), keeping the mother’s comfort at the highest priority, with the entire delivery experience conjoined in the same room.

A uniquely designed Infotainment System helps ease patients with their health information, culinary requirements & entertainment.

Spread across 35,000 sq. ft, FUH has the largest emergency care department in Dubai’s private sector, equipped with all lifesaving facilities next to each other.

Dubai is synonymous to excellence, dreams, and innovations, and FUH promises the people of Dubai to parallel Dubai’s vision, mirroring every aspect of the most desirable city of the world.

Fakeeh University Hospital is Made for Excellence, Made for Healing, Made for  future – we are Made for Dubai.

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