The Art of Luxury in Baby Care with Bubble Baby Bed – The Crown Jewel in Luxury Cribs and Bassinets

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DUBAI, UAE, June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Royal households and discerning parents around the world are turning to the extraordinary Bubble Baby Bed, a pioneering invention from Lana Agiyan, an award-winning designer and mother of three.

Immaculately designed over two years, Bubble Baby Bed graces nurseries with its revolutionary double-wall transparent design, blending opulence with functionality. Commissioned for Salone Satellite, this product sets a new gold standard in luxury baby care.

The Art of Luxury in Baby Care with Bubble Baby Bed – The Crown Jewel in Luxury Cribs and Bassinets

“The Bubble Baby Bed isn’t just a crib; it’s a testament to luxury, safety, and avant-garde artistry, effortlessly matching any home’s grandeur,” says Agiyan.

The transparent crib design, favoured by royal households, allows caregivers to monitor their precious ones effortlessly. Its mattresses, designed with a 3D breathable mesh, guarantee not only unparalleled comfort but also optimal thermoregulation, mould prevention, and a significant reduction in suffocation risk. Designed for hygiene, the mattress is conveniently machine-washable.

Adding a royal touch, the crib mimics a gentle rocking motion akin to a tilt toy, comforting babies while showcasing impressive stability – it stands firm even with an adult sitting on it.

With its striking design and unmatched safety features, Bubble Baby Bed has proudly been recognized with prestigious accolades, including the Salone Satellite Award at Milan Design Week and the Well-Tech Award for technological innovation in Milan.

“Be it a regal living room or a peaceful nursery, Bubble Baby Bed is meticulously crafted to elevate your lifestyle,” Agiyan adds.

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About Bubble Baby Bed:

Founded by Lana Agiyan, an award-winning designer and mother, Bubble Baby Bed is redefining luxury in the baby crib industry. With an unrivalled design and top-tier safety features, it provides a uniquely secure, lavish, and Eye-catching environment for babies.

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