JEDDAH, Saudi ArabiaFeb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Saudi Auto CEO Bakur Azher, a distinguished automotive journalist, and editor in the industry, recently test-drove Lynk & Co 09. Saudi Auto, a renowned automotive media in the Middle East, provided a platform for experienced reviewers. During this immersive experience, the assessment highlighted the model’s distinct lifestyle features, emphasizing its relevance to travel and its impact on man’s social engagements. It also seamlessly aligned with Lynk & Co’s ethos of “more than a car.”

Built on Scalable Platform Architecture, Lynk & Co 09 stands out as a flagship 7-seater SUV. With its exquisite exterior, luxurious interior, powerful performance and high-strength car body, it has captured the attention of automotive critics and consumers since its launch last year. The design of Lynk & Co 09 continues the classic design elements of Lynk & Co, known as “Mega-city Contrast,” featuring sleek body lines and exceptionally spacious interiors that exude a sense of both strength and comfort. Lynk & Co 09 introduces 23 advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), supporting features like CarPlay and head-up display to enhance intelligent connectivity, allowing drivers to focus more on driving and providing a high-end convenient all-around experience.

Bakur Azher, approaching the experience from the perspective of a first-time passenger, commented, “It’s stable and powerful, making it a very reassuring choice for trips. “This car is equipped with the Drive-E series 2.0TD high-performance engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission, offering exhilarating acceleration. Featuring 4 intelligent off-road scenarios, Lynk & Co 09 effortlessly tackles various outdoor challenges, providing a powerful and diverse performance experience for drivers. He further added, “The seats in Lynk & Co 09 are quite comfortable. I don’t feel tired even after sitting for so long.” Lynk & Co 09 offers a stunning luxury travel experience. Ideal for relaxation during fatigue, the spacious rear cabin offers silky-smooth comfort with Nappa leather seats. Supporting various lifestyle necessities such as outdoor gear, the roomy trunk adds adaptability to the mix. Additionally, the deliberately constructed second-row sitting section boasts plenty of legroom, enhancing the overall comfort for passengers during their ride. Lynk & Co strives to provide 09 owners with the sophistication of elite business and the convenience of family travel, embodying the brand’s appeal and pursuit of diverse lifestyles.

The testing by Bakur Azher has made the outstanding features of Lynk & Co 09 even more prominent. The combination of Lynk & Co 09’s luxurious feel, social attributes, and the integration of intelligent technology and new premium convenience makes it an ideal choice for business and family use. Through ongoing brand development, Lynk & Co exemplifies the brand value of being “more than a car”. The brand consistently enhances product quality to meet consumer demands for luxury, design and performance.

About Lynk & Co:

Launched in 2016, Lynk & Co is created for the new generation of open urbanites. Lynk & Co is not just a new car brand but a new brand in the car industry. Born global, open, and connected, the brand aims to build an open platform connecting people, cars, and the world.


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