RingConn Official Website Has Been Launched on 5.18

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WILMINGTON, Del.May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RingConn, the innovative wellness brand, is excited to announce the launch of its official website, which was successfully launched on May 18th. This milestone signifies RingConn’s commitment to providing customers with cutting-edge wellness solutions to help them achieve optimal health and wellness.

“We are thrilled to unveil our official website,” expressed Prof. Wang, CEO of RingConn. “This website serves as the central hub of our online presence, allowing customers to easily access our products and learn about the numerous benefits of RingConn.”

Additionally, RingConn is proud to share that all crowdfunding perks will be shipped out by the end of May. With over 7,000 rings already dispatched, the received feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We extend our gratitude to our early backers, whose support has propelled us to remarkable success during the crowdfunding phase,” acknowledged Prof. Wang. “Their feedback has played a crucial role in shaping our product development and ensuring that we meet the needs of our customers.”

During the crowdfunding period, RingConn raised an impressive $1.2 million within just 50 days of going online. This remarkable achievement underscores the company’s dedication to providing customers with high-quality wellness products contributing to their health and wellness balance.

“We take immense pride in our accomplishments during the crowdfunding period,” emphasized Prof. Wang. “This success is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication, as well as the unwavering support of our early backers. We look forward to providing our customers with innovative wellness products and services and driving positive change in the industry.”

For more information about RingConn and its recent launch, please visit the official website at https://bit.ly/3Icbv38.

Media Contact:
Name: Rucia WANG
Email: rucia.wang@ringconn.com
Phone: +86 185 7661 6820

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