Leading Turkish crypto exchange Bitay marks an expansion into UAE

by Ahmed

Turkiyes premier cryptocurrency exchange, Bitay.com, commenced global operations in 2021 and has expanded into the United Arab Emirates market.

MENA Newswire: Dubai— Bitay.com, Turkiye’s leading cryptocurrency exchange established in 2018, has begun offering its services to crypto investors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The exchange empowers crypto investors to trade over 850 pairs and over 350 cryptocurrencies, using more than 20 local currencies, extending its reach to over 200 countries, including the UAE.

The UAE is recognized as one of the top three countries in the Crypto Adoption Index by Henley & Partners, evidencing high crypto adoption levels. Enhanced by progressive regulations introduced last year, the region confidently evolves into a global cryptocurrency hub.

Investing in the growing UAE Crypto Ecosystem

“The technology and infrastructure investments phase is largely complete, and we have the range of products in place that our crypto investors demand of us,” stated Niyazi Yılmaz, General Manager at Bitay.

Bitay.com is much more than a crypto exchange. Bitay Portfolio Tokens containing multiple crypto assets prepared by Bitay’s expert analysts for those who want to diversify their crypto investments. Bitay+ loyalty program allows you to invest in crypto with 0% commission and simultaneously provides passive income with stake earnings up to 10%. Bitay Wallet which provides high-level personal privacy with non-KYC membership, extra transparency in OTC transactions and offers high security asset storage service and SWAP and BRIDGE opportunity for more than 350 crypto assets. And more…

Bitay is extending the opportunity to UAE crypto investors to trade with Bitay Coin, which has surged over 230% amid challenging market conditions.

Exclusive campaigns for UAE investors

Highlighting the commendable performance of Bitay Coin compared to fiat currencies, tokens of world-renowned companies, and numerous stock exchanges since the year’s inception, Bitay Marketing Director Bünyamin Turgut expressed, “In keeping with our community-oriented approach, we’re awarding 50 Bitay Coins to all UAE investors who join Bitay.”

He also added, “To commemorate the first anniversary of Bitay Coin, and to mark our entry into the UAE market, we have launched a limited time ‘Advantageous Second Sales’ campaign. Investors in the region can acquire Bitay Coin at up to 25 per cent discount off the market rate and enjoy a locked-in return of up to 30 per cent on their USDT investment.”

Contact: Bünyamin Turgut – info@bitay.com

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