BruntWork’s Strategic Expansion of VA Services Meets Rising Demand from Lawyers

by Ajay Rajguru

MENA Newswire: (New York, USA / Feb. 7, 2024) — Responding to a significant shift in the legal industry, BruntWork, a leader in outsourcing solutions across various industries, is expanding its virtual assistant (VA) services. This move addresses the growing adoption of virtual operations by law firms aiming to streamline expenses and enhance efficiency.

Winston Ong, CEO of BruntWork, which serves over 500 law firms globally, explains the transition in the legal field toward remote work. “The legal sector is embracing a work-from-anywhere revolution, and BruntWork leads this change,” Ong notes. “Our VAs are essential in managing administrative tasks, empowering lawyers to prioritize client service and strategic development.”

Data reveals that over 65% of law practices now incorporate virtual assistant services, a figure expected to climb above 90% by 2025. This growth is fueled by technological advancements, adaptable work arrangements, and innovative talent management strategies, highlighting the indispensable nature of virtual assistants in modern legal practices.

BruntWork has observed a 50% increase in new legal contracts every quarter—reflecting a sector-wide trend. By 2030, projections indicate a tripling in virtual assistant utilization by legal professionals, driven by remote work trends and the application of AI, machine learning, and automation technologies.

BruntWork’s comprehensive VA services include administrative support, client relations, case research, and litigation assistance. “Our VAs revolutionize law firm operations, ensuring efficient service delivery at lower costs,” Ong states. This approach elevates client satisfaction and dramatically increases firm profitability.

Furthermore, BruntWork maintains rigorous data protection protocols, as evidenced by its ISO 27001 security certifications. “Our dedication to the highest international standards for data security solidifies client trust and ensures operational transparency,” Ong emphasizes.

Law firms collaborating with BruntWork report significant cost reductions, with savings ranging from 60% to 80%, by utilizing VAs for support functions. This cost-effectiveness illustrates BruntWork’s compelling offer to the legal industry.

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BruntWork is renowned for its forward-thinking outsourcing model, achieving rapid expansion and garnering praise for its employment approach. With specialized offshore teams spanning numerous functions and industries, BruntWork enables companies to concentrate on their core activities while accessing a global talent pool.

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