The ENTERTAINER Unveils An Innovative Employee Rewards Solution At Seamless Saudi Arabia

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MENA Newswire: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 4 September 2023 – The ENTERTAINER is excited to announce the debut of its revolutionary employee rewards solution – Rewards ENTERTAINER, which is set to take place on Monday, 4th September at Seamless, Riyadh Front, Riyadh. The collaborative effort between the Dubai and KSA teams at the ENTERTAINER has resulted in a cutting-edge platform that is poised to redefine employee engagement and benefits.

The ENTERTAINER Unveils An Innovative Employee Rewards Solution At Seamless Saudi Arabia

Rewards ENTERTAINER serves as a comprehensive employee rewards solution, introducing an array of features designed to enhance the employees’ workplace experience and foster a culture of appreciation. Among its standout features are the “Earn and Burn Smiles” and “Gamification” mechanisms. These allow employees to accumulate rewards points and badges through remarkable in-app engagement and contributions, which they can then redeem for exclusive offers and experiences. These features not only recognize the employees’ hard work and dedication but also encourages them to enjoy the finest leisure and lifestyle options available.

Julian Morbidelli, General Manager – KSA at the ENTERTAINER, expressed his excitement about the Rewards ENTERTAINER solution, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce this game-changing rewards app and back-end management tool to the Saudi market. Our innovative approach aims to redefine how organizations engage with their employees, promoting a sense of unity and appreciation. This platform is a testament to our commitment to driving positive workplace culture throughout the region.”

At the heart of the Rewards ENTERTAINER is the unique “Family Sharing” feature. This innovative aspect permits employees to extend their benefits to their loved ones, enabling their families to enjoy the wide range of offers across different cities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The ENTERTAINER Unveils An Innovative Employee Rewards Solution At Seamless Saudi Arabia

Human Resource Managers are empowered with a powerful employee rewards app back-end management system. They can seamlessly access a dashboard that enables them to send personalized messages to their staff, allocate access to new joiners fostering a continuous sense of gratitude. Additionally, HR Managers can provide their teams with more offers through the tiering feature, reinforcing their organization’s commitment to their welfare.

The ENTERTAINER has developed a website that will complement the newly launched rewards app’s functionality. HR Managers will be able to harness the full capabilities of the automated system on the website. After this initial step, the process will seamlessly transition to the ENTERTAINER’s dedicated Loyalty Managers who will finalize the bespoke deals tailored to each organization’s requirements.

The launch of the Rewards ENTERTAINER solution marks an extremely exciting milestone in the evolution of employee engagement, rewards, and benefits. The ENTERTAINER remains dedicated to fostering positive workplace dynamics, promoting loyalty, and recognizing the valuable contributions of employees.

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