MG International wins second award in Turkiye for its environmentally sensitive projects

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As climate change’s impacts are increasingly felt, businesses are transitioning to sustainable operations. Turkiye’s  MG International Fragrance Company was awarded the Chemistry Sector Environmental Award at the Şahabettin Bilgisu Environmental Awards for the second time with its environmentally sensitive projects.

MENA Newswire: Istanbul — This year marked the 29th edition of the Şahabettin Bilgisu Environmental Awards, organized by the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry in Turkiye, where deserving recipients were celebrated. Among the recipients, five enterprises were honored across the environmental and sector categories. MG International Fragrance Company, operating within the chemical industry, was proud to be awarded the Chemical Industry Environmental Award in the Large-Scale Enterprise Category for the second time.

This recognition was bestowed upon the company considering their environmentally conscious projects and dedication to sustainable production practices. Aslan Gülçiçek, the CEO of MG International Fragrance Company, graciously accepted the award from Hasan Tahsin Tuğrul, Chairman of the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry Assembly. Kocaeli’s industrial and port city is at the center of important transportation networks connecting Europe to Anatolia and the Middle East.

Awarded for the second time

“Throughout the last seven years, we have dedicated over US$ 5 million towards environmental infrastructure and projects aimed at safeguarding and promoting nature through environmentally friendly production. It is with delight that we accept this precious award for the second time, acknowledging our continuous endeavors. In our pursuit of a more sustainable world for future generations, we will persist in our sustainability initiatives within the fragrance industry,” Aslan Gülçiçek commented.

In today’s rapidly changing world, where the impacts of the climate crisis are increasingly evident, the business landscape is undergoing a transformative shift towards sustainability. Numerous companies are embracing sustainability as an integral part of their operations and embarking on eco-friendly initiatives. Those who actively contribute to a more liveable future through their participation in the green transformation are receiving recognition from various esteemed organizations.

Environment is the priority

MG International Fragrance Company prioritizes a range of environmentally conscious practices. These include energy conservation, waste reduction, rainwater collection, recycling, odor control, carbon emission monitoring, socially responsible initiatives, and biodiversity studies. The Chemistry Sector Environment Award recognizes the company’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding natural habitats, preserving the ozone layer, promoting resource efficiency, implementing effective waste management practices, and taking proactive measures against harmful emissions.

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