KOBIL GmbH and Mastercard Announce Global Partnership

by Ahmed

MENA Newswire: Worms – In a significant move for digital transformation, Mastercard has selected KOBIL GmbH, a leading technology company based in Germany, as its partner for future digital ecosystem-based projects. This collaboration aims to foster innovative business models, leveraging the strengths of both organizations. KOBIL GmbH, known for its expertise in data security, digital identity, and the pioneering SuperApp platform, is now a global partner for Mastercard. This partnership will see KOBIL GmbH integrating its SuperApp platform into the expansive Mastercard ecosystem, enhancing its reach across the global network. The first collaborative effort will be a pilot study in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, with the potential to extend Mastercard’s reach in over 80 countries.


KOBIL GmbH Earns Mastercard’s Trust with Its Unique Technology

KOBIL GmbH is set to revolutionize Mastercard’s approach to digital transformation, introducing new business models especially tailored for urban and institutional applications. Mastercard’s recognition of KOBIL’s expertise in digital identity, data security, and SuperApp platform experiences marks a milestone in their partnership. The agreement entails a global collaboration on various innovative projects, focusing on Smart City applications and broadening the Mastercard ecosystem. “Our inaugural joint project, a pilot study in the MEA region, is just the beginning,” says Ismet Koyun, CEO of KOBIL Group. He adds, “The scope and scale of our efforts are substantial, as evidenced by our successful deployment of the Istanbul SuperApp, which connected 16 million residents with essential city services.” The Istanbul SuperApp recently garnered accolades at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.

About KOBIL Group:  Since its inception in 1986, KOBIL GmbH has been a frontrunner in technology solutions encompassing payment, identity security, and the secure SuperApp. The company is a recognized leader in digital identity, smartcards, one-time passwords, and cryptography. With a dedicated team of 500 professionals across five headquarters in Germany, Switzerland, Türkiye, the USA, and the UK, and two R&D centers in Türkiye, KOBIL GmbH is at the forefront of high-security and multi-layered platform technologies.
Contact: KOBIL Media Team media@kobil.com

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