Gourmet Italian chocolates from La Lu available on order in Middle East

by Editor

MENA Newswire: La Lu gourmet chocolates, delightfully delicious creations fashioned from the finest ingredients in Italy intended to satiate the most discerning of tastes, luxuriously smooth in finish and ultra-refined in texture, crafted into a fascinating array of products is now available in the Middle East in time for the holy month of Ramadan. The chocolates can be ordered online from the company’s website.

A passion for all things chocolate is what drives the inspiration behind each of La Lu gourmet Foods’ products. Designed by the finest Italian master chocolatiers, to offer chocolate lovers and those with a yen for the finest confectioneries, true masterpieces that are set to blaze a trail with their distinctiveness and sets them apart in the Middle East market that is saturated with offerings from Swiss, Belgian and other international brands.

“What makes our products outstanding is our choice of ingredients selected from around the world and the skillful mastery of the craftsman in mixing ingredients to obtain a unique and perfect taste,” said Marialuisa Gavazzeni Trussardi founder of the brand. “From the texture of gianduja or dark chocolate, subtle but perceptible, to the crunchiness of Piedmont hazelnuts or Italian almonds in dragees is a supreme pleasure that appeals to those with a passion for good taste,” she added.

La Lu’s innovative range of products created from only the finest of ingredients from around the world are dedicated to satisfy the most discerning of palates. La Lu gourmet chocolates are now regarded as the finest in Italy and have created a great demand from across Europe and other parts of the world. The brand decided to launch an e-shop to cater in response to the strong demand from other markets and will now cater to the Middle East market that is known for its love and appreciation of the finest in luxury foods and chocolates.

The brand takes its name La Lu from the nickname given to its founder by her father who fondly referred to her as La Lu. Her father was a major influence in her daughter’s and her refined tastes have been influenced by her upbringing and her exposure to the good things in life.

Maria Luisa Gavazzeni is originally from Bergamo and has studied at the Liceo Scientifico University of Milan. Her career is divided between fashion and books, since she is also a university professor at Sapienza in Rome. She is part of the famous Italian family that created the Trussardi Maison. She was married to the late Nicola Trussardi, the legendary creative director of the famous Italian fashion house.

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