EZVIZ announces its exciting Ramadan campaign, echoing values of family companionship and caring with special offers on smart home gadgets

Shoppers can now enjoy up to 25% discount on EZVIZ’s most popular home cameras, and share their family moments under the hashtag #Morethanjustacamera on social media to cheer for the spirits of Ramadan.

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MENA Newswire: EZVIZ, an industry-leading innovator in smart home technologies, kicks off its Ramadan celebration with the theme “More Than Just a Camera” across all its social media channels, collecting special family moments that capture love and care. As part of the campaign, EZVIZ will also host a special sale on its best-selling security cameras TY1 and TY2 from March 26 to April 2 on Noon. These useful gadgets not only help better protect homes during the holy month, but also are must-buy gifts for people who’d like to stay connected to their families and share happy moments, even if they’re not by each other’s side.

EZVIZ announces its exciting Ramadan campaign, echoing values of family companionship and caring with special offers on smart home gadgets

“After serving thousands of families across the Middle East, we deeply understand that the value of EZVIZ home cameras is not limited to seeing and knowing. We are not just providing a camera, but an opportunity for people to stay close to their loved ones, care for each other, and record and share unforgettable moments,” said Albert Hao, sales director of EZVIZ MENA, “We hope our well-designed cameras can bring peace of mind to families during Ramadan and beyond, and help everyone to focus on what matters most – their faith, family, and community.”

The on-sale TY1 and TY2 are among EZVIZ’s most wanted products since the company entered the local market. This time, EZVIZ will be giving an impressive 25% discount on both models. Designed to go basically anywhere inside an apartment, a house or a villa, these easy cameras can be used as a pet or baby monitor to provide 360-degree live viewing and indoor activity detection. Users can also choose to buy several units to create a multi-camera system to watch over different rooms all at once. Both cameras support using large storage cards of up to 256GB and offer EZVIZ CloudPlay subscription plans. For all detected motions, users can trust the cameras to safely store related videos, in case they miss any important moment.

Ramadan marks a good time to stock home security devices, according to Hao, and EZVIZ cameras can be on top of a family’s holiday shopping list. When people take time to fast, reflect and pray for the year, a security camera takes the shift for them to turn away uninvited guests and provide 24/7 home protection.

To share EZVIZ moments and family stories during Ramadan, users can join @EZVIZ_MENA on Instagram or Facebook by hashtagging #Morethanjustacamera. The company will be running online sales in Saudi Arabia on Noon, and in Egypt on Noon and Amazon. For more details about offline retail channels, please visit www.ezviz.com/ar/wheretobuy

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