Ariston Middle East celebrates its sustainable solutions implemented in the Sultanate of Oman on World Environment Day 2023

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MENA Newswire: Muscat. June 2023. On June 5, World Environment Day’s 50th anniversary, Ariston Middle East acknowledges and celebrates Oman Government’s initiatives at promoting sustainability and encouraging its own entities as well as private companies to look for greener solutions.

Ariston Middle East celebrates its sustainable solutions implemented in the Sultanate of Oman on World Environment Day 2023

“We applaud the progress Oman has made in environmental awareness over the past years. Government policy clearly encourages clean energy and a reduced carbon footprint, paving the way for government departments, private companies and even individuals to emulate actions that protect the environment. We appreciate our customers who have chosen to opt for energy efficient systems for water heating.” Said Alberto Torner, Head of Ariston Group in the Middle East, Turkey, and Caucasus

Ariston Middle East, part of the 93-year Ariston Group, markets a range of water heating solutions comprising of electric water heaters, solar systems, heat pump solutions and gas boilers in the UAE. Over the last two decades, Ariston Middle East has increased its commitment to sustainability through the deployment of renewable and high-efficiency solutions, such as solar systems and heat pumps across varied projects in the country.

A high-profile Oman project that has leveraged Ariston’s solar system is the Institute of Public Administration (IPA), headquarters in Al Khuwair. It is a large complex made up of IPA Offices, retail outlets & an Intercity Hotel. The Institute of Public Administration Headquarters site is approximately 28,000 sq.m. with a capacity to train 20,000 trainees per year. The hotel has 285 rooms and 3 conference events rooms over an area of 340 square meters. The project uses a solar heating system backed up with an electrical system of 4x4000L Cylinders to cater to a capacity of 16000L.

Other prominent sites with installations of solar heating backed by electrical systems are the Alila Resort in Salalah and Green Adventure Peak Resort. Currently, the ongoing projects include the Hawana hotel by Muriya and the Ministry of Energy and Minerals in Muscat.

Heat Pumps, another sustainable solution from Ariston, have been used in a wide variety of projects from hotels to buildings, villas, offices, and shopping centres around the region.  Heat pumps use a thermodynamic cycle to heat the water through the air sucked by the thermal group inverting the heat’s natural flow. A refrigerant fluid (R417A and R410A), through status changes, compression, and expansion cycles, withdraws the heat in the air at low temperatures and gives it to domestic water at a higher temperature. This is the reverse mechanism of the one used in refrigerators. By absorbing the free and ecological heat directly from the air and water, heat pumps are the best example of technology in complete harmony with the environment.

Nizwa Museum uses heat pumps to heat water within its facility. Located in Nizwa, the crossroads of Oman, the Museum Project is a cultural and educational hallmark for locals and visitors. Commissioned by Sultan Qaboos bin Said al-Said, the museum is a celebration of the country’s economic, cultural and social renaissance since the 1970s.

Ariston Middle East has installed 2 air to water heat pumps at the museum to fulfill its water heating demand. It has a suction gas cooled rotary compressor, equipped with refrigerant R417A and functions silently. The system assures optimum savings in energy since the heat pump proposed operates at a COP of 4.7, while keeping electric consumption as low as 25% when compared to traditional electric heating.

“We are pleased to leverage Ariston Group’s continuous investment in technological innovation to introduce products that are sustainable. We are delighted with the way these solutions have been embraced in Oman.” Torner added.

About Ariston Group

Ariston Group is a global leader in sustainable solutions for hot water and space heating, components and burners. In 2022 the Group reported almost 2.4 billion euro revenues. As of today, after the addition of Centrotec Climate Systems in January 2023, Ariston Group has over 10,000 employees, representative offices in 43 countries, 31 production sites and 30 research and development centers in 5 continents. Ariston Group is listed on Euronext Milan since November 2021. Ariston Group demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through the development of renewable and high efficiency solutions, such as heat pumps, water heating heat pump, hybrid solutions and solar thermal systems. The Group also stands out for its continuous investment in technological innovation, digitalization and advanced connectivity systems. The Group offers a full range of products, solutions and services mainly under the global brands Ariston, ELCO and Wolf, and also operates under iconic brands such as Calorex, NTI, HTP, Chaffoteaux, ATAG, Brink, Chromagen, Racold as well as Thermowatt and Ecoflam in the components and burners business.

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